SB016​-​Spirit Guide

by Congo Red

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released June 14, 2016


prologue: it is decided that there is only one way to stop the western man from infecting the world with his rotten civilization. You will embark on a heroic crusade against Babylon; a dilatory vision quest; a long sacred journey full of blood, sweat and tears, culminating in the discovery of your spirit guide. And finally you shall penetrate all secrets of the Afterlife.

characters: you may choose to play the shaman, the warrior, or the contrary (heyoka).

the game: you must fight your way through nine levels. These are: (1) Altai, (2) Sentinelese, (3) War tune, (4) Hail of arrows, (5) Westerners, (6) Wooden heart, (7) Txapanawa, (8) Monoceros, (9) Man of the hole. Upon surviving a level you will receive the corresponding talon of knowledge. After collecting all nine talons of knowledge you Spirit Guide will be revealed to you and this will obviously grant you entry into the tenth level: Afterlife.

These sections must be played in the correct order. Each of the first nine levels is a maze consisting of approximately 28 screens. As you view each screen it is possible to walk, run, or ride left, right, or into doors, caves, teepees or canyons at the back of the screen. The direction you are walking, as viewed on a map, is continually changing and therefore a compass (in which the tomahawk always points north) has been provided at the bottom of the screen. When you reach the exit to the next level the totem display will pulse as a warning. It is not advisable to leave a level without first collecting all available shamanic tools (see below).

villains: on the first nine levels you must fight different types of monsters, some of which can be killed with one well-placed blow. They are: the buffalo soldier, the trapper, the bounty killer, general Custer, the heterosexual cowboy, the homosexual cowboy, the redcoat, paleface, the gold seeker, the boy scout, the railroad engineer, the railroad baron, the oilman, the nuclear scientist, the steamboat captain, the card-playing trickster, the medicine man, the hollywood star, communism, capitalism, F. Nietzsche, B. Gates, M. Zuckerberg.

shamanic tools: In each of the first nine levels there are magical objects that you will need to collect in order to survive throughout the quest.
The tomahawk increases your strength.
The menhir guards against death from western technology.
The war bonnet allows you to partake in a pow wow. You need a new war bonnet for each pow wow. The war bonnet also allows you, just once, to go on the warpath.
The potion increases your resistance.
The peyote increases your perception.
The calumet allows you to smoke opium.
Opium multiplies your strength for a short time.
The key opens portcullis doors.
The shaman drum is a vehicle for healing and consciousness expansion.
The buffalo skin guards against death from the western pacific railroad.
The magic kachina doll disables the occult leader of the western world when the occult leader is reached.
The shamanic sticks (kambo): combined with the shaman drum, they allow you to invoke the intervention of Manitou.
The bow and arrow: you will need this item to hunt buffalo. It also kills general Custer and the heterosexual cowboy.
Firewater: heals your wounds but decreases your vision and your sacred wisdom. Has no effect on the contrary (heyoka).
The butterfly showing beautiful wings (kuwanyauma) can trigger a major atmospheric disturbance many miles away.
Other shamanic tools will be discovered along the way: listen to your spirit guide.

“Grown men may learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure and therefore the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.”
(Black Elk)



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